30-minute webinar oN best practices for handling consolidation budgeting and planning in 2022

The webinar is for you who is a finance employee in a small or medium-sized group, who have a spreadsheet-based consolidation, budgeting, and planning model, and who want to learn how to ensure auditor-approved processes and produce fast reporting with simple measures.


Getting the best turnout for your processes in finance requires a solid and standardized method that helps you avoid calculation errors, ensures consistency, and simplifies your monthly reporting.

Therefore we narrow in on standardized cloud-based tools that connect to ERP systems and automate the processes.

The cloud tools that we discuss in the webinar are easily accessible to everyone and quick to get started with, so you can make a copy-paste of the setup for your own finance function so you can consolidate as an accountant (without actually being one) and simplify your budget and planning process.

The webinar revolves around:

  • How to go from Excel-based processes to standardized and why this is a good idea
  • Consolidation in a standardized format - how it looks and works
  • Budgeting and planning in a standardized format - how it looks and works
  • How quickly other finance departments convert from a spreadsheet-based model to a standardized cloud-based model


Christian Weber is a sales manager in Konsolidator and has extensive experience in helping groups in their transition to fully automated cloud consolidation to optimize the value of their finance function.