There’s a lot of improvement potential to be gained from automation in auditing to ensure efficiency and mitigate risk.

The consolidation process is one of them.

From the collection of data through analyzing it and finally consolidating it into a complete financial statement it is one of the areas where you can most improve efficiency and effectiveness.

And with the spotlight still on Audit Reforms in the UK, it has never been a better time to look at the technology that is supporting your practice.


In this webinar we look into the consolidation software Konsolidator Audit, to explore how other audit practices are using it to automate their clients’ group consolidation

(with an average consolidation time of just 7 minutes).


We look at:

  • How the software collects client’s audited trial balance data from source systems
  • How the software prepares calculations automatically and journal adjustments with traceability
  • How the software presents Group account presentations. 


The session ends off with a Q&A session 


Lianne Gatti-1

Lianne Gatti is the Country Manager for UK & Ireland at Konsolidator and has extensive experience with helping corporate groups transition to fully automated cloud consolidation to optimize their finance teams' value in the business.