Is your excel consolidation crashing?

If you are using Excel for your monthly consolidation, you have likely run into difficulties with wrong formulas and broken links, as well as complications with multiple currencies and adding new companies if your group is buying new entities.

In this webinar, we look into how you can take charge of all of these issues and complications with a standardized consolidation tool and prepare your month-end close fast and easy.

We discuss:

  • How you make a consolidation tool work together with your ERP system
  • How you automate the consolidation of actuals, budget, and forecast
  • How you get accurate and auditable results
  • How you deliver nice and quick reports

By the end of the webinar, you will have an understanding of how you can improve your own consolidation and reporting before the next quarter end.




Jette Thelin
Konsolidator specialist with extensive experience in helping corporate groups transition to fully automated cloud consolidation to optimize their finance teams' value in the business.