Key priorities and decisions for group consolidation in H2

We are (already!) 6 months into 2022 and at this point most finance departments review and evaluate their priorities and performance expectations.

In this webinar, we review financial consolidation challenges to help finance professionals make better decisions about their consolidation set-up in H2 and improve overall performance.

We narrow in on the opportunities all finance departments ought to consider in their consolidation setup as well as the typical needs and actions based on:

  • The biggest challenges we see finance departments struggle with in their group consolidation setup
  • The most common areas of improvement
    (reporting time, accuracy, data reliability, eliminations, currency translations, data visualization, process automation, annual reporting, quarterly reporting, etc.)
  • The goals that are often not met, (and why)

After discussing the challenges we look into the engine of Konsolidator´s consolidation software to explain and showcase how you can use it to prepare group consolidations and avoid the setbacks related to classic consolidation challenges.



Lianne Gatti-1


Lianne Gatti is the Country Manager for UK & Ireland at Konsolidator and has extensive experience with helping corporate groups transition to fully automated cloud consolidation to optimize their finance teams' value in the business.