How can you optimize repetitive tasks to gain time and reduce errors? And how do you ensure valid and accurate data and, at the same time, speed up management reporting? 

We are digging into the answers in this webinar that focuses on how small and medium-sized enterprises can optimize their finance function with digital tools.

We address both the challenges and the opportunities and take a closer look into the misconceptions that sometimes act as a barrier for SMEs to gain the competitive advantages that the digitalization in finance can bring.

We look closer at questions such as:

  • Why, as CFO, you should be interested in the digitalization of the finance function
  • Which challenges you can solve with digital tools
  • What opportunities you have for improving your finance department

At Konsolidator, we are experts in the digitalization of finance departments, especially when it comes to SMEs.
Our team consists of chartered accountants and former CFOs.


This webinar is hosted by:

CEO, Claus Finderup Grove and Country Manager for Denmark and Baltics, Jette Thelin.

Claus Finderup Grove_Jette Thelin