Understanding how to use Robotic Process Automation (RPA) in the finance department

A robot can log in, type, copy, calculate, collect information, and structure data. Just like a human being. The difference is that when a robot automates, it does so 10 times faster than its human counterparts and works 24/7 without compromising on quality.

In Part 1 of the Robotics in Finance series, we look at:  

  • How you use RPA in the finance function to create virtual assistants that increase administrative efficiency and productivity
  • How you avoid investments in heavy and costly IT projects with a long ROI
  • What is required to get started with RPA
  • The processes are particularly suitable for automation
  • How a robot is built and live demonstration of how it works


The event is hosted by Jette Thelin, Country Manager for Denmark for Konsolidator, and leading RPA expert Peter Sønderlyng, Partner at Nordic RPA. 

RPA webinar Jette Thelin Peter Sønderlyng