Are you looking for a simple and easy way to convert financial data into the new and required InlineXBRL format (also known as iXBRL format)?

Join Konsolidator, together with the software company EasyX, to discuss the transformation of your financial data into the iXBRL format.

You will learn how you can quickly transform your financial data and financial reporting into iXBRL format. We will discuss why a digital solution for the transition can be a good idea to consider -- reducing time spent and minimizing the risk for errors occurring in the process are just two reasons.

The webinar will consist of:

  • A quick introduction and presentation of iXBRL
  • How you and your company can benefit from a digital solution to do the conversion
  • How you can get going with your digital solution for converting your financial data and reporting into iXBRL format
  • How it can be used together with your cloud-based financial software


Jack Skov
CFO, Konsolidator



Karsten Elmsted
CEO, EasyX