Finance Business Partnering in 2020 - The why and the how

Finance Business Partnering is one of the most talked about topics in finance in 2020.

But what exactly does it mean on a practical level?
How are you expected to take on this new role and how will it impact your company’s bottom-line?

In this webinar, we are joining Finance Business Partner expert Anders Liu-Lindberg and breaking down the barriers and discussing the role, the skills and key competencies required and looking at the building blocks for successful business partnering.



Finance Business Partnering at a practical level:

  • Where are we today…and why do we need to change
  • Business partnering formula: The equation to success
  • How to build new habits that drive behavioral change
  • How to measure success as business partners
  • Real life examples of business partnering impact


This webinar is hosted by Claus Finderup Grove, CEO at Konsolidator, and Anders Liu-Lindberg, Co-founder of Business Partnering Institute and co-author of the book "Create value as a Finance Business Partner."

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