What does a 'best practice digital ecosystem' look like in group finance?

For many finance professionals, it is a challenge to understand the differences between FinTech and AccTech offers, and individual differences between needs, wants, and must-haves.

This is what we zoom in on in this webinar, as well as the building blocks for a sound ecosystem.



We will discuss how group finance teams can build a digital ecosystem that exploits the best of the FinTech/AccTech world while bringing about the most potential to your work processes without overcomplicating it.

Your takeaways from this webinar: 

✅ What is the purpose of your finance ecosystem (systems, people, processes, channels...)
✅ What is the best way to organize a business ecosystem
✅ What does a finance ecosystem look like for small and medium-sized groups
✅ How do you apply the "best practice" ecosystem to your department
✅ How does a strong ecosystem impact performance


The session ends off with a Q&A session. 


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Lianne Gatti is the Country Manager for UK & Ireland at Konsolidator and has extensive experience with helping corporate groups optimize their finance teams' value in the business by using new technology.