Why is financial consolidation so hard?
And how can you make it easier?

With the help of technology today everything becomes so much faster and easier – including the financial consolidation.

In this webinar this is what we look into as well as how you can use new tools to support you for the heavy data processing.

If you are currently doing the data collection and managing your consolidation in Excel spreadsheets the risk is that you end up spending most of your time administrating your sheets. And the consequence is that there's little time left for you to actually focus on the story that your data is telling you - let alone passing on that information to decisions makers.

Today smart finance departments are built on new technology that can automate and standardize core tasks to you can deliver high data quality and support timely strategic decisions making.

As a Group CFO, Finance Manager, or Controller, you are the gatekeeper for the critical data required to generate forecasts and support strategic decision making, so this webinar is exclusively for you.

In the webinar, we open up the toolbox for smart finance departments and show you how you use your power correctly to avoid doing the heavy data lifting yourself and advance from good to excellent.

We will look into:

The various options for consolidation tools
What cloud computing is & what it means for the financial consolidation process
The type of software that matches different type of companies
The typical mistakes CFOs make when implementing new software and how you avoid them