how do you return to the office with a competitive advantage after a trying year and make sure you are still relevant?

And what are the overall weaker spots in most finance functions (in terms of skills and behavior) that you should be aware of, and prepared to change?

If you are not  110% sure of the answer to either question and if you don't have a plan for how exactly you will return to the new reality, then join us for this 45-minute webinar.

We narrow in on how your "going back to the office plan" should look and what you need to understand to keep up in a business environment that demands agility, speed, and proactivity.


We are teaming up with Anders Liu-Lindberg, Founder and Partner, of Business Partnering Institute to discuss skill changes, key competencies, and value drivers as well as what role finance business partnering will play in 2021.

We will be looking closely into the behavior we see in finance and the changes we recommend finance professionals apply to tackle new requirements.

In other words, this webinar is all about you!

  • How you make sure you are up to date with the 2021 requirements
  • How you adjust to getting back into the office and switch off reactive survival mode
  • How you become more strategic to become more proactive
  • How you convert information into knowledge to make that your number one power
  • How you build confidence in your role as a finance professional through new skills
  • How (on a practical level) you tackle the inevitable changes in your role as a CFO, Finance Manager, Controller, or any role in between.


Webinar_May 20_The CFO agenda 2021