A practical approach to getting started with business partnering in small and medium-sized companies

That is the core of this webinar with field expert Anders Liu-Lindberg.

As a finance business partner your role is to:

  1. Provide 'real time' analysis and insight to executives
  2. Challenge their thinking
  3. Help them make more informed decisions and drive business strategy.

But how do you do that? And where do you start?

Join us for the webinar if you are an accountant, CFO, controller, or finance manager and if you are inspired to drive even more value to your business and want to learn business partnering from a practical and operational angle. 

We look at finance business partnering in-side out, discuss the barriers that block for success, and help you get started with a concrete and tangible approach to business partnering:

  • How you define success, what good looks like
  • What it takes to get there
  • Which key responsibilities you should take on
  • Which tools are required 
  • Which skills you should focus on improving (your professional AND personal competencies)
  • Which barriers are (potentially) blocking you from getting started/succeeding
  • How you get started - what you should be doing right now and what should be on your agenda tomorrow


Webinar on Finance Business Partnering